PolkaFoundry has rebranded as Firebird.
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Build scalable and frictionless Web3 games with Firebird

What's Firebird?

Firebird chain allows developers to build scalable and frictionless Web3 games with near-zero costs and never compromises your security.

Why Firebird?

Become powerful in blockchain gaming with Firebird's dynamic features

Fast and EffectiveUtilize Firebird's capacity to execute a huge number of transactions per second and guarantee immediate transaction finality at a near-zero fee.
UX enabling featuresEnhance user experience and simplify Web3 interaction processes with top-notch utilities: signing key, flexible payer, and assets inheritance.
EVM CompatibleEnable straightforward migration from Ethereum and BSC, and reuse of an abundance of toolchains, including MetaMask, Remix, Hardhat, and many more.
Layer 2 Solve scalability problems by adopting Firebird's Layer 2 solutions for lower transaction fees, higher speed, and advanced security.
ComplianceAdopt Firebird's anti-cheat mechanism and security detection to prevent players from hacking and protect game fairness.
Join the Firebird ecosystem

Grow with Firebird's end-to-end infrastructure solution

  • Preparation
  • Blockchain & Web3 Apps Development

    As the Firebird platform empowers developers to kickstart building their products quickly, it plays a vital role in the product lifecycle and is responsible for the most crucial function in the ecosystem.

  • Token sales
  • NFT sales
  • Game launch
  • Player attraction
  • Metaverse experiences
What can you achieve with Firebird?

Turn your blockchain visionaries into reality with Firebird's holistic platform

Firebird provides flexibility, security, reliability, and community to build scalable and user-friendly Web3 apps on the blockchain.
Game Hub & Gaming PlatformFirebird is designed to scale high-performance game platforms that require a quick and seamless user experience. The goal of Firebird is to boost player-to-player and player-to-developer interactions.
NFT Collectibles & MarketplaceOffering a UX comparable to traditional applications and onboarding new users with a simple approach, providing a suite of integrated services for games.
AR - VR & MetaverseFirebird's ideal cross-chain protocol ensures seamless data acquisition, storage, interoperability, and privacy reservation.

Bird Nest

Fly into the Firebird world

The Firebird Blog

Discover our latest news, including updates, research, analytics, events, and technical knowledge.
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Developer Hub

An optimal space designed for developers. Start exploring technological architecture and actualizing your blockchain ideas with Firebird Developer Hub today.

Firebird Documentation

Read more about the Firebird ecosystem’s features, solutions, infrastructure, roadmap, etc., and understand why our journey started.


    • Chain Research
    • Build Tesnet
    • Official Rebrand Announcement
    • Onboard 10 Projects on Testnet
    • The 1st Testnet Campaign
    • Release Mainnet & Onboard 10 Projects on Mainnet
    • Swap PKF ERC20 token to native PKF
    • Onboard 50+ projects
    • Validator Campaign
    • UX enabling features
    • Governance Portal
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Onboard 100+ projects
    • Layer 2 on Zk Rollup
    • Metaverse Package
    • Secure Service Layer
    • Developer Engagement Programs

Our partners

Projects built on our Testnet

Testnet version 1 has officially launched with the cooperation of six potential projects

A cutting-edge launchpad powered by Firebird as a part of the growing $PKF ecosystemRed Kite is one of the leading launchpads in the world with 70+ projects that have successfully launched, a seasoned leadership team, a network of high-class VCs and marketing partners, vibrant communities, and many more.

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